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Chimney Sweep Bristol

Commercial Services

If you are an construction company, architect, stove installer, builder or restoration expert then we have a range of services that you can call on. If you have a request that doesn't feature on this page then get in touch, if we can assist we will, if not we will know where you can look.

Multiple Sweeping Contracts

If you are working on a large property or a listed building and require a number of flues to be swept, ahead of liner installation or other work then we can offer short notice sweeping and associated CCTV surveys. As we have a number of great sweeps within the family company we can, by arrangement, tackle large jobs in quick time.We recognise that you often require this on the hurry up, ring us first, we may be able to help immediately within a 75 mile radius of Bristol.

multiple flue services and sweeping

Multiple Flue Services

CCTV Surveys

We have assisted a number of architects and contractors who have required detailed CCTV examinations in buildings. Not only does this identify problems within the flue but it can assist in identifying routings, construction methods, any alterations that have impacted on the flues and historic details, all recordable in a variety of video formats. We can survey from top down to about 50m and bottom up to about 30m, depending on the flue construction and can tackle large industrial chimneys using additional lighting.


Flue Mapping Services

Often used in conjunction with CCTV services accurate radio wave mapping equipment is used to pinpoint features in a flue. Tight bends, blockages, water pipes and cables are just a few of the items that need to be pinpointed to enable a flue to be broken into at exactly the correct location to rectify it. Flue mapping also identifies the exact route a flue takes in a building. We have conducted this for customers ahead of major construction work to enable flues to remain unaffected and also to pinpoint problems where it just wouldn't be possible otherwise.

flue mapping services

Multiple Flue Mapping


Long Chimney Services

We have a stock of specialist equipment that enable the sweeping and examination of flues in excess of 25m-30m. This type of work can be time consuming, sometimes taking a number of days depending on the state of the flues. You would wish to give us advance notice of this service requirement to ensure a booking.

long flue services

Long Flue Services

Whatever your commercial requirements are please get in touch for a professional inclusive service. We can also be flexible around timings. We have had clients that required us to work at night so as not to clash with other work ongoing in the properties.

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