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Bristol cowl fitting

Chimney Stack Work

Rebuilding a chimney stack video

We provide a wide range of chimney stack repair work and are quite often called in as a result of damp problems associated with the stack.

We offer complete dismantling and rebuilding, fit new pots, cowls, reflaunch and repoint stacks, test stack porosity and rain penetration and apply specialist waterproofing treatments if required. We have solved damp problems that have persisted for years and are able to deploy our specialist CCTV cameras in the flue to identify internal problems that are leading to damp.





We make and fit a variety of stainless steel cowls and the correct ventilation cowls to properties all over the region. See the cowls page for further information.

preventing chimney damp

Curing and Preventing Damp Problems

If you want work carried out on a chimney stack that is shared with your neighbours then The Party Wall Act 1996 applies. This simple piece of legislation protects you and your neighbour and isn't usually a problem. It simply insists you tell your neighbour about the works and seek their approval.  Here is the Party Wall Act 1996 for your reference. Do not delay in serving a Party Structure notice on your neighbour. Whilst the neighbour can agree to the work being carried out earlier at least 2 months notice is required to be given ahead of the start date.

When you instruct us to work on a shared stack we undertake the work on the understanding that you have followed the requirements of the act, it is your responsibility to comply with the requirements.

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