26th February 2017


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bird nest material

Birds nesting in chimneys, Spring 2018

It’s now mid April and we are starting to get calls from people about birds, mainly jackdaws, starting to nest in chimney pots and can we come and remove them. In short we cant, nor can anyone else. Once certain birds start nesting then a nest, eggs or birds cannot be killed, damaged or destroyed.[…]

stove liner collapse

When to sweep your wood burning stove

Many people don’t realise that stainless steel flexible liners are not a permanent fix, they have a limited lifespan. I need to qualify that statement with the fact that you can now purchase flexible liners that do have a lifetime guarantee (If you follow the terms and conditions) Click HERE for a good example. Most[…]

flue blocked with tar

Tar Removal

A sure way of making a chimney unsafe to use and unsafe to install a stove liner is to tar it up. Incomplete combustion of wood creates tar (creosote) which coats the walls of a chimney leading to a serious risk of a chimney fire, wet tar soaking into the fabric of the building, creating[…]