Repair bookings open for Spring 2024
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Repair Work

We offer an extensive range of repair services, from the hearth up to the chimney pot.


We repair stoves, fitting new fire bricks, glass, rope seals, fire cement seals, cutting and fitting access doors into stove pipes, striping and deep cleaning and re-blacking back to showroom condition. We also fabricate and fit register plates. We also provide a small engineering service to drill out and re-cut threads and weld small stove items that can often save hundreds of pounds replacing parts. Finally we can often remove rust, stains, melted wax and other problems from stoves and hearths.

Open Fires

We refurbish open fires, install missing fireproof backfilling, refurbish hearths and fit missing/broken fireplace tiles. Additionally we can remould old firplace backbricks that are missing or broken and fit new fire backs.





In summary we can fix and repair your stove or fireplace and make them look like new.

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