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Stove Checking & Installation


When you buy or sell a house with a stove or open fire that has been fitted you should be supplying or seeking a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate. It's similar to buying a car, you expect an MOT certificate. These records should be seen as an indication that the installation underwent the appropriate consents and approvals to meet the Building Regulations.

Where these regulations have not been met the Local Authority can insist that the property owner puts the work right, at their expense, not to mention the potential for safety to be an issue if regulations have not been met.

If you find yourself in a position where you have no documentations and need a safety check then move to our Checking Service Page.


we survey and fix stove installations

Poor Stove Self Installation

If we identify issues that need rectifying, or you actually want a new stove installed then you will want the requisite legal documentation to go with it. By working with our HETAS qualified and vastly experienced installers you can get everything done once and to the required standards, no issues.

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