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The value of professional stove installation

Almost on a daily basis we come across stove installations that are unsafe, do not meet requirements or are shoddy. In some cases all three. You have little chance of come back, after sales service or getting matters rectified unless you use a reputable qualified or experienced installer.

Self installations rarely demonstrate quality.

Here is a classic but dangerous example we see that me and again; the installation of a solid fuel stove onto a gas liner. Special liners are constructed to deal with the heat and byproducts produced by stoves. Gas liners melt, overheat and in serious cases ignite.

This one is even worse, just a 3m length fitted into a 11m chimney. Serious risk of a house fire and potentially carbon monoxide poisoning, you can see where it is just cut off short in the chimney.


Dangerous stove installation

Dangerous stove installation

In summary, treat a solid fuel stove installation in the same way you would a gas boiler install, you wouldnt do it yourself or ask the local builder to put it in so why do it with a stove?


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