Repair bookings open for Spring 2024

Calling Housebuyers and Estate Agents

If you are looking to buy a house in the Bristol area Andy the property benefits from an open fire or wood burning stove but there is no documented history showing it’s installation or regular sweeping then call us in BEFORE you complete.

Time and again we are called after purchase to sweep or inspect a fire only to find it is unsafe or doesn’t comply with regulations, or both only for the new buyers to find it will cost thousands to rectify, money that could have been negotiated from the purchase price or at least budgeted for.

Even really nice looking installations that are ‘working’ can hide horrors. The example below was a real selling point but has turned out to be a potential death trap that needs removing completely and starting again; scaffolding, new liner, stove and installation, the works.

A quality chimney sweep can advise on safety issues, use him or her to protect your home and family. We offer a full homebuyers service and you can find all the details by clicking HERE

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