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Chimney Sweeping and Covid-19

Latest PPE

What to expect during 2019-20

Best Sweep Chimney Sweeps has thousands of established customers throughout Bristol, North Somerset and beyond. In order to keep you, and ourselves, safe during this period of threat from the virus we have developed a number approaches. Please do have a look to help put your mind at rest. You SHOULD get your appliance swept and checked each year to help reduce the threat from fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. When booking you will get a text with full details of what you and wee need to do ahead of and during the appointment.


We have undertaken World Health Organisation training in infection prevention and PPE use and have certifications to demonstrate this. We are therefore aware of the threat and how to minimise its risk. Has your tradesman/woman used their time wisely in this way during the working restrictions? If not ask yourself why not.


You should not be surprised or alarmed to see us arrive at your door fully kitted out in the latest PPE, including fully enclosed pumped air respirators. We all know that the transmission is via respiratory and hands and we will be using PPE to combat this. In addition hard surfaces we come into contact with will be decontaminated.

Working Methods

You will be contacted the day before your appointment and on our arrival by mobile phone to help you minimise physical contact with us.

We will not attend anyone being Shielded unless it is a life or death situation and we can minimise risks, nor will we work with you if you are in isolation, obviously. We will maintain social distancing and ask that nobody is in the room(s) we are working in. Clean coverings will be used by us at each property and an air filtration system will be used where we deem it advantageous. We will only accept credit card payments which we can process whilst at the property for you via a new collection system we have employed.

We will be using a common sense approach, fully inline with advice from the government and our trade associations. Together we can ensure each others safety in these difficult times. If in doubt or you have any questions then just get in contact with us.

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