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Chimney Sweeping and Covid-19

What to expect during 2019-20 Best Sweep Chimney Sweeps has thousands of established customers throughout Bristol, North Somerset and beyond. In order to keep you, and ourselves, safe during this period of threat from the virus we have developed a number approaches. Please do have a look to help put your mind at rest. You[…]

chimney repairs

Why you should look up at the sky.

A single pot chimney stack can let gallons of water into your house each year. The rain soaks into the old mortar joints, porous bricks and the lining of the chimney, it usually runs down the inside of a chimney for 2 or 3 meters unless the flue is dead straight. If it is, you[…]

stove liner collapse

When to sweep your wood burning stove

Many people don’t realise that stainless steel flexible liners are not a permanent fix, they have a limited lifespan. I need to qualify that statement with the fact that you can now purchase flexible liners that do have a lifetime guarantee (If you follow the terms and conditions) Click HERE for a good example. Most[…]

flue blocked with tar

Tar Removal

A sure way of making a chimney unsafe to use and unsafe to install a stove liner is to tar it up. Incomplete combustion of wood creates tar (creosote) which coats the walls of a chimney leading to a serious risk of a chimney fire, wet tar soaking into the fabric of the building, creating[…]

CCTV survey of chimney

Pre-sweep CCTV surveys

This shows the value of inspecting a flue liner before you sweep. Here the liner has started to unravel where it enters the connector to the stove pipe. It had been power swept for example if it probable that it would have tangled and been damaged beyond repair. Surprisingly CCTV equipment isn’t mandatory kit for[…]

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